Presentations and Exhibitions

Besides working on projects, I am also involved in presenting the outcomes. At V2_, I have co-organized several exhibitions and conferences. Giving guest lectures and presentations, or curating events on a freelance base form also part of my work.


Centro de Cultura Digital included the eTextile Workspace in their weekend-long Makertón because they were inspired by the community we have fostered through the eTextile Workspace. This is the first time we extend the format across so many cultures and timezones.

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Centro de Cultura Digital, Mexico City (MX)
September 19 + 21, 2014
remote participation

    Night of the Nerds

    Night of the Nerds is a festival for teenagers who love science, technology and gadgets. This edition, I was responsible for the smart fashion program in Klokgebouw Eindhoven.

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    FutureBites, Eindhoven (NL)
    May 21, 2014

      Nerds on Stage

      Nerds on Stage provides a platform for young creatives. The goal of the festival is to show the latest technology in an inspiring and theatrical way, mostly aimed at teenagers. For this edition, I curated the Wearable Technology part of the program.

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      FutureBites, Rotterdam (NL)
      March 27, 2014

        This happened Rotterdam

        This happened is a series of events focusing on the stories behind interaction design. After Utrecht and Amsterdam, we are now bringing This happened to Rotterdam! In collaboration with the Designplatform Rotterdam and Worm, we invite artists and designers to give unique insight in the making-of of their projects.

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        Ianus Keller, Pieter Diepenmaat, Piem Wirtz
        April 11, September 26 2013. March 10 2014

          eTextile Sweatshop

          To support artists working with eTextiles, V2_ installs a temporary workshop space exclusively dedicated to the production of eTextiles. We bring together rapid prototyping machines typically found in Fablabs with machines common to the production of textiles.

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          V2_Lab, various artists
          November 21-29, 2012
          initiative, organization, curation, production

            TechnoSensual Symposium

            During the closing symposium of the TechnoSensual exhibition, I discussed the importance of a sound relationship between concept, technology and presentation format within Wearable Technology projects. To create a successful 'wearable', designers should aim for a specific experience and define the audience they intend it for.

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            Quartier21, Vienna (AT)
            August 29, 2012

              The Crowd Lomography Project

              This exhibition brings 500 and more Lomography photos from all around the world together to decorate the walls of an underground setting in The Hague. The motto: Let's do something analog before it is too late! A selection of my Lomo pictures is part of the exhibition.

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              Standupgallery, Den Haag (NL)
              July 14 - 29, 2012

                DEAF Festival

                For the Dutch Electronic Art Festival I curated the 'Crafting the Future' program. In the debate we asked the speakers to discuss the relevance of wearable technology and the role of craft in their daily practice. In the workshop we explored the combination of 3D printers and textiles.

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                DEAF Festival, Rotterdam (NL)
                May 16-20, 2012
                organization, curation

                  Natural Propulsion Seminar

                  In order to share potential technical and concept opportunities and to outline upcoming challenges in natural propulsion, MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) organized a seminar. Together with Alvaro Takiuti, I have presented Protei there.

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                  MARIN, Wageningen (NL)
                  January 20, 2012

                    Test_Lab Series

                    Test_Lab is a bi-monthly public event organized by V2_ that provides an informal setting for the presentation, demonstration, testing, and discussion of artistic research and development (aRt&D). All the projects developed in the Lab are presented in a Test_Lab. I have participated in many editions, either as presenter introducing the artists or as co-organizer.

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                    V2_Lab, various artists
                    co-concept, presentation

                      ISEA Panel Discussion

                      This panel investigated the influence and importance of Open Culture on wearables production and dissemination. Practitioners in the field of wearables who have worked with online platforms, open workshop events, publications, hack spaces, university classrooms and media labs elaborated on this topic.

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                      ISEA 2011, Istanbul (TR)
                      September 19, 2011
                      panel presenter

                        Protei Exhibition

                        V2_ hosted an international team of designers and engineers on the development of Protei_006, the first full-scale version of the autonomous sailing robot that will clean oil spills in the oceans. The exhibition as part of Festival Wereld van Witte de With featured all early prototypes and a documentary about the working process.

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                        Festival De Wereld van Witte de With, Rotterdam (NL)
                        September 9-13, 2011
                        production, logistics, presentation

                          Guest Lectures

                          I have given many presentations and guest lectures about wearable technology. A random summary: at The Green Fashion Competition (AIFW), Crosslab (WdKA), Fablab Protospace, Swedish School of Textiles, Audax Textielmuseum and many more.

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                          presentation, lecture

                            Interactive Landscapes

                            Official book launch of 'Interactive Landscapes' at V2_. I have presented at the opening and shared some behind-the-scenes insights with the audience on our collaborative project Intimacy.

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                            V2_, Rotterdam (NL)
                            October 27, 2010

                              Evolving Excellence

                              Premsela, Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, has invited me to participate in their forum: "Evolving Excellence". The forum addressed the question whether the original haute couture notion of quality is still relevant in contemporary Dutch fashion culture. I had discussions with Jan Taminiau, Gerrit Uittenbogaard and Edwin Severijn exploring this topic.

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                              Premsela, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (NL)
                              April 23, 2010
                              panel presentation, on invitation

                                Pretty Smart Textiles

                                Pretty Smart Textiles brings together for the first time e-textiles made by young artists and designers in the Netherlands. The exhibition included many V2_ related artworks and artists. I was invited to give a lecture to open the exhibition and to position the featured artworks in a larger perspective.

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                                Melissa Coleman, Dorith Sjardijn, Nutshuis Den Haag (NL)
                                May 27, 2010
                                presentation, on invitation