Protei are a fleet of oil-spill collecting sailing robots. They sail autonomously upwind to intercept the oil with their long absorbing tails. V2_ offered Cesar Harada – the founding father of Protei – an artist-in-residency position to help him build the first full scale prototype. I assembled an international team of young, talented engineers and we worked intensely together to realize Protei_006. Besides organizing all the logistics, I worked on the ‘skin’ of the vessel and coached the team during the summer of 2011.
The prototype is developed with relatively cheap materials such as PVC pipes and inner tubes of bicycles. This enables third parties to rebuild Protei at low cost and improve the design. The project is partly realized with help of ‘crowd funding’. Protei_006 was built at the project space of Studio Florentijn Hofman and was presented at the Wereldhavendagen in Rotterdam. It is now being further developed under Open Hardware licenses.

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