Publications and Interviews

Some of my work has been published in magazines and books. This page gives an overview of publications that either feature my freelance design such as the Pogi, or represent my work at V2_. In some cases I was interviewed, in other cases I contributed as author.

Van de radar verdwijnen

Straatnieuws, the newspaper for homeless people, visited the workshop Warzone Wearables that I gave for Medialab SETUP in Utrecht. This is their elaborate report of the event.

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Straatnieuws Utrecht
September 26, 2014

    Social Fabric

    Social Fabric identifies ways to bring age-old skills of craftspeople together with the ingenuity of engineers, creating new narratives for smart textiles. I contributed a chapter about FabLabs as exploratory spaces.

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    The Readership in Strategic Creativity, Michelle Baggerman
    September 2013

      betaKnit Research

      Innovation in the form of the combination of soft materials with high technology has led to the development of so­called Smart Textiles. This report highlights the contribution of V2_ to the CRISP Smart Textile Services project.

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      Karla Spiluttini, Piem Wirtz
      January 2013

        Wearable technology – van concept naar interactie

        This text was written for the catalogue of the TechnoSensual Symposium, Vienna 2012. It emphasizes the importance of good interaction design and a solid concept before you start creating a piece of wearable technology. The article is published as part of the Honours Programme reader from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts.

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        Piem Wirtz, Joris van Ballegooijen
        August 2012

          De kunst van het werken aan kunstwerken

          This paper describes creative workflows within interdisciplinary projects in art and culture. It aims to help art professionals to get a better understanding of complex collaborations. My experience with coaching the Media Vintage project team at V2_ was used as a case study for this research.

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          Carolien van der Schoot, SIA/RAAK
          June 2011
          sharing expertise

            Interview at

   is the leading blog for wearable technology and DIY research. I was Interviewed about my 'wearables' work at V2_Lab.

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            Valerie Lamontagne, guest blogger for
            March 7, 2011

              VIP Vision in Design, A Guidebook for Innovators

              Vision in Product Design (ViP) is both a method and a design philosophy. Besides explaining what ViP is all about, the book offers a rich array of narratives and illustrations like models and pictures. The Pogi is one of the featured projects in the book.

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              BIS Publishers, Edited by Paul Hekkert & Matthijs van Dijk
              September 2011
              ISBN 978-90-6369-205-6

                Protei, Open Source Sailing Drone

                The Protei handbook describes the background of the project and gives a detailed explanation on how to build Protei_006, including technical drawings.

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                Cesar Minoru Harada, Qiuyang Zhou, Sebastian Müllauer, François de la Taste, Logan Williams, Gabriella Levine, Piem Wirtz, Roberto Melendez, Peter Keen, Etienne Gernez, Fiona Crabbie, Shah Selbe
                September 2011
                ISBN 978-1-105-01895-4

                  Krom en toch rechtschapen

                  Interview in Zeilen magazine, featuring Protei.

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                  Zeilen Magazine nr.8, by Willem Karel Plet
                  August 2011

                    Wearable Technology, kleding en techniek

                    Interview about wearable technology and the role of Research & Development in artistic design practices.

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                    KM Magazine Kunst en Wetenschap nr. 78, by Anton Staartjes
                    July 2011

                      From Floating Wheelchairs to Mobile Car Parks

                      A collection of 35 design projects, selected from ten years of experience-driven graduation projects of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University, demonstrate how to design for user-experience. The Pogi is one of the projects included in this book.

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                      Eleven International Publishing, Edited by Pieter Desmet & Rick Schifferstein
                      January 2011
                      ISBN 978-90-5931-612-6

                        De aap uit het mensenkind halen

                        The Pogi was featured in the column 'Spelen' (to Play) by Wouter Klootwijk. 'Spelen' highlights remarkable products and reviews them in a critical and playful way.

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                        NRC Handelsblad, by Wouter Klootwijk
                        February 14, 2006