Workshops and Experiments

At V2_Lab, I have organized several workshops and developed a platform for Wearable Technology: the eTextile Workspace. The results of experiments are published and made available under open-source licenses whenever possible. At the CKC Digital Art Lab I continue to do artistic Research and Development (aRt&D). Not only in the fields of art and culture, but also within arts education.

Warzone Wearables

Medialab SETUP invited me to give a workshop on wearable technology, fitting within their program on ‘sousvivalism’. Surveillance and sousveillance refer to the abundance of camera’s in our everyday life, recording our daily activities. In the workshop, we declare war on camera systems and design clothes that will playfully fool the camera.

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Piem Wirtz, Anja Hertenberger, Rowan Bink, Medialab SETUP Utrecht (NL)
September 20, 2014
workshop leader

    Crafting the Future

    For DEAF2012 I organized a workshop on 3D printing and textiles, to explore the combination of both techniques. During this workshop we created many samples of truly integrated 'fabric 3D prints'. Picture: Lorenzo Romagnoli

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    Mika Satomi, Mili Tharakan, Joris van Tubergen, Florian Horsch
    May 17-18, 2012
    initiative, logistics, production

      Conductive Embroidery

      For the Tweet Bubble Series, I researched if it was possible to embroider a single-stitched outline of a text with conductive thread. The thread would be used as heating element and should not create a short-circuit. How this can be done, I documented on the website of Fablab Amsterdam.

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      Piem Wirtz, Aram Bartholl
      Spring 2009
      research, development, documentation

        Ultimaker Evening

        V2_Lab hosted one of the Ultimaker and RepRap evenings. Over 20 people got together to fine-tune their self made 3D printer and share tips & tricks.

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        Piem Wirtz, Ultimaker community
        December 12, 2011
        host, organization

          Smart Textiles Summer Camp

          This 4-day hands-on workshop explored the topic of 'Future E-Textiles Master Craftsmanship'. A selected group of textile designers, DIY hackers and E-Textile experts have been invited to discuss the role of craft in wearable technology.

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          Mika Satomi, Swedish School of Textiles, Rydal Design Center (SE)
          June 13-17, 2011
          co-concept, participant

            Ultimaker Masterclass

            The Ultimaker is a 3D printer that you can build yourself. Since the technology is Open Source, everyone can modify or improve it's design. During this masterclass I built one for V2_Lab.

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            Fablab Protospace, Utrecht (NL)
            June 2011

              Light in Textiles

              E-textiles designer Melissa Coleman introduced the exciting field of LEDs, electroluminescent wire and optic fibers discussing the pros and cons of each and giving useful tips for incorporating these in textiles.

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              Melissa Coleman
              July 29, 2010

                Wearable Technology Workshop at DMY Berlin

                DMY International Design Festival Berlin has invited the E-Textile Workspace team to give a hands-on workshop at their Maker Lab space. The workshop offered a beginner-level introduction to conductive materials. Participants could create a simple soft circuit and on-off switch with custom-made kits.

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                Piem Wirtz, Melissa Coleman, Meg Grant, Anja Hertenberger, Joachim Rotteveel
                June 11, 2010
                shared workshop leader, project management

                  eTextile Workspace

                  The eTextile Workspace offers an informal setting for both critical discussion around & about wearables and for hands-on work on individual projects. The monthly Workspace is open to anyone who is interested in the topic of wearables. Many topics have been discussed, such as 'How to present wearables to an audience', 'The use of performative quality in wearables design', 'How to make textiles move' etc.

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                  eTextile Workspace Collective
                  initiative, production, chairing, hosting

                    Workshop Wearable Technology

                    V2_Lab organized a wearable technology workshop with an emphasis on DIY techniques and performing arts. The aim of the workshop was to provide participants with hands-on experience and to create working prototypes of interactive costumes. The costumes were demonstrated by means of a short performance during the Test_Lab: Fashionable Technology.

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                    Mika Satomi, Hannah Perner-Wilson (KOBAKANT)
                    May 16, 2009
                    initiative, project management, logistics, production, participant